Candy (c4nclyfr3q03) wrote in houstonbutchfem,

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hey whats up?

Hey, so whats up? Not much here going on. SO I run the Central Texas Girls community its the bi/les community for Central Texas. So if you live in this part of Texas then come join( Or even if you don't. I'm trying to get more members to join it. I need some banners and another background maybe for it, so if your interested in helping me out email me- .

Anyhow also I am thinking of throwing a all out Lesbian/Bisexual Christmas party. I need ideas and some people to help me out. So if your also interested in that then let me know, k? I think it'd be tons of fun to meet everyone and whatnot, yknow? I already have some ideas of what I am wanting to do, but I want more ideas if you guys come up with some. Just email me k? Or comment on here. It don't matter. Aite well I'm gonna jet. Later.
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