Ironcladbadlad (0angeltred0) wrote in houstonbutchfem,

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Vrrrmmm, femme hungry

Well it's been so silent here and I'm aching for a femme to order my lazy ass around. So I'll ramble on a bit. In my other blog fountainsofvelvet I was typing a bit about the boi culture. Just curious what you femmes think about it. Or anyone else for that matter. Do you think there's a difference between butch and boi? I myself identify as a boi...but it's hard to catagorize my ass. I can dress fairly femmy, but also kill to dress in drag (wearing mens boxer briefs as we speak). I love ballet, opera, literature and painting, but dig dirt and bikes and grease and slugde just as much. Mostly I call myself I gay boi in a woman's body. And when it comes to sex, I am the boi entirely. Well enough of this blah blah. Gender and sexuality is so emorphous. Explaining the intricate details would take pages. Just curious about other's views. Annnndddd may I add, horny as all hell. Just thought I'd let you know -grin-
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