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A woman who loves another woman [entries|friends|calendar]

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hey whats up? [16 Oct 2005|09:05pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey, so whats up? Not much here going on. SO I run the Central Texas Girls community its the bi/les community for Central Texas. So if you live in this part of Texas then come join(http://www.livejournal.com/communities/centraltxgirls). Or even if you don't. I'm trying to get more members to join it. I need some banners and another background maybe for it, so if your interested in helping me out email me- notaprettysoul@yahoo.com .

Anyhow also I am thinking of throwing a all out Lesbian/Bisexual Christmas party. I need ideas and some people to help me out. So if your also interested in that then let me know, k? I think it'd be tons of fun to meet everyone and whatnot, yknow? I already have some ideas of what I am wanting to do, but I want more ideas if you guys come up with some. Just email me k? Or comment on here. It don't matter. Aite well I'm gonna jet. Later.

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[27 Sep 2005|06:24pm]

hello ladies,

my name is amber, i'm 18. not very butch, but not entirely fem. i have kind of a in your face personality. i'm a very vibrant person. i can also just stay laid bac kas well. i would like to get to know some people out here. i'm in the katy area. and looking for some fun, b/c it's kind of bland out here. check out my lj and see what i'm about.
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[27 Sep 2005|10:53am]

Hey gals, I hope you all made it through Rita safely
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[14 Aug 2005|10:46am]

Hi my name is brittany, I haven't update here
in a long time. I hope that everyone is doing
really good and that life is treating you all
like you should be... like queens. Welp I'm
single again, which really sucks but I guess
it's for the best. I mean yeah it totally sucks
but I'll get over it.

Um, to refresh memories. I'm a 16 year old Lesbian.
I live in Baytown Texas which is like 30 mins away
from Houston.

Um, I'm an open book ladies. So keep in touch if you
don't mind.
take care
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x-posted-i need a bidder :P [09 Jun 2005|02:34pm]
I'm selling this item on ebay. its two astroworld tickets for a total of 60.00 cant go wrong there. just its only got an hour left :(. heres the link!

sorry for it being x-posted
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[04 Jun 2005|02:39pm]

i just moved here yesterday and i don't know anyone and i'm scared.
i would like people to hang out with me/ help me find my way around.
please add me and i'll add you back, although it might be a few days since i'm doing it through copy.com.
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[06 May 2005|12:27am]

its time for prom ladies i hope to see everyone there rockin out and having an awesome time! everyone is welcome its free for anyone ages 13-20


please tell who ever you can about this its really important that we have an awesome turn out to support GLBTQ teens as well as adults!

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I'm new. or something... [30 Apr 2005|07:42am]

bio thingieCollapse )
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[26 Feb 2005|07:26pm]

Also a shameless promo...

If any girls here are makeup whores like myself, ya might wanna check out

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MOD [26 Feb 2005|06:20pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I just wanna thanks to the girls that have been posting!

Keep the community alive <3<3<3<3

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Bois gone wild [25 Feb 2005|01:10pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey all....not a lot of posting as uzh!!! No one even wrote their thought about the boi culture. *Le Sigh* Houston lezzies, where the fuck are you?!? Anyhoo, just thought I'd post a few pics of my new doo and what not. More to come.

What the hell is any one and everyone up to these days. Anyone? "L Word" talk? Sex gossip? Latest fuck? Anyone? Any fucking one? -grin- Laterz

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[13 Feb 2005|02:57pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I'm new to this commuinity (duh). I'm looking for an older butch/fem whatever, to date and stuff like that. I live in baytown, which really sucks cause everyone hides what they are here. I don't hide what I am because there's no reason for it. I'm only 16, so it's really hard for me to find anyone around my age that likes what I like and does what I do. I hate being alone, and this valentines is really gunna suck. I'm not sure if I'm classified as a butch or a fem.. haha I wear baggy jeans all the time, and then sometimes I wear tight jeans but I still sag them, and I wear boxers all the time. I'm always wearing a t-shirt that covers up my assessts, even thought they tend to show anyways! haha. Um.. I'm just a girl that wears guys clothes.. no biggie! haha. I don't have much else to say other than I'm looking forward to meeting new people from this community. Take care everyone, and if you want to know anything about me, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm open to anything!

much love,

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Vrrrmmm, femme hungry [25 Jan 2005|07:56pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Well it's been so silent here and I'm aching for a femme to order my lazy ass around. So I'll ramble on a bit. In my other blog fountainsofvelvet I was typing a bit about the boi culture. Just curious what you femmes think about it. Or anyone else for that matter. Do you think there's a difference between butch and boi? I myself identify as a boi...but it's hard to catagorize my ass. I can dress fairly femmy, but also kill to dress in drag (wearing mens boxer briefs as we speak). I love ballet, opera, literature and painting, but dig dirt and bikes and grease and slugde just as much. Mostly I call myself I gay boi in a woman's body. And when it comes to sex, I am the boi entirely. Well enough of this blah blah. Gender and sexuality is so emorphous. Explaining the intricate details would take pages. Just curious about other's views. Annnndddd may I add, horny as all hell. Just thought I'd let you know -grin-

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Party tonight at club eve [21 Jan 2005|01:47pm]

I just got this email sent to me....for all interested, go here :



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let's shimmy [21 Jan 2005|12:51pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Now that title wasn't very boi-ish of me! *wink* Just another post to keep things moving here. How are all of my darling Houstonian lessies? I must keep things posted around here that might be of interest to us all. Anyone sporting an "L Word" parte???? I have showtime at home, but given the current condition of my apartment, it should really only be A-bombed. But still, any and all are welcome to attend "opening night". Alllssooo, any Interpol fans out there going to be at the concert? I'd love to meet some LJ members.

Cheers for now

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[20 Jan 2005|09:33pm]

Has anyone been to that bar Eve, I think thats what its called... meh
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*PING* [20 Jan 2005|07:59pm]

[ mood | drained ]

TAG YOUR IT! No one has posted in such a long time. I was hoping there would be some good communities here in Houston for LJ. So here's what's going on with me tonight. I'll wrap up another 15 hour day and then head on over to Chances to meet with Cat. She's finally been able to find the soundtrack to "Aimee and Jaguar"!!! I am so psyched to be getting a copy. Anyone else love the music of that era? I would have loved to live around then. Maybe in Paris. Drag bois could pass pretty easily then ;)

Else where in the night I'll journey over to Helios even tho I know I should stay away from straight girls and drugs. If you're interested in hearing my thoughts on straight girls read Acting101 .

I should get some sleep I know. Well, nothing else to report. Hope to meet some cool people on here! Post some more!

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[20 Oct 2004|04:29pm]

Lesbian Couple Looking For Housemates

Hello! We are a young lesbian couple of five years, and are looking for one or two similar folks to share a three or four bedroom home in the central Houston area. Ideally, the pair would be lesbians or queer friendly, like dogs (we have two-they are good with children and other dogs in most cases), share similar values and interests, and although we love them, the house must be kept cat free (unless as an outdoor pet: Rebecca is highly allergic).

We would like to improve our value of living without having to pay much more in bills. We are both students having to pay our own way slowly through college. Our dogs really need a back yard, and we would enjoy having more space in places like the kitchen and bath. Having a washer and dryer in the house would also be more than welcome. I am an artist (painter, photographer, and I fix up old furniture) and entrepreneur, so I need as much space as I can get. I would love to find someone who would either share the space of the two-car garage, or not mind my using the space for my art projects. If the house we found had a storage building big enough, I could just use that.

We would like to find friends, but understand the value of privacy. We have many wonderful friends, and like to entertain from time to time, but to have people over on a day-to-day basis is rare. I smoke outdoors because Rebecca has asthma. We enjoy a drink from time to time, but it’s a rare event and I’ve never been drunk. We don’t mind if you drink as long as it’s not the getting drunk all the time kind! And we also loathe drunk driving; too many innocent people are hurt or killed this way. We don’t do drugs and wish to live in a completely drug free house (even though we think pot should be legal, it isn’t). We are both extremely trust-worthy and are looking for the same. Please check out our web page to learn more about us.

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[28 May 2004|11:06pm]

crossposted to my journal, bonfiremadigan, + various tx & houston-related communities.

to find out more about bonfire madigan, a band based in san francisco & centered around cellist/mouth/activist madigan shive, check out the following sites:

go see this show, you won't be sorry!
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[23 May 2004|10:51am]
Hey, I'm tryin to get more people going in my community and I'd really love it if any of u chicas would join. You don't even have to be around Central, Texas. But the community's more for Central, Tx chics but its all good if you aren't. Newho go to centraltxgirls and check out the journal then go to the user info to join it! Thanks chicas!

X-Posted!!! In I'm not sure how many journals!Sorry! LoL.
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